Mettle is the free business bank account by NatWest for small businesses, contractors and freelancers. You can apply in minutes and easily manage your business finances, create and send
customisable invoices and connect to accounting software to keep track of your books – all from your phone or desktop.

When you bank with Mettle you will gain access to a free license for FreeAgent to make sure your bookkeeping is MTD compliant.

Mettle is the free business account by NatWest that gives people the financial confidence to turn their passion into opportunity. It’s built for contractors, freelancers and small businesses.

Customers can apply for an account in minutes, create and send customised invoices and connect to accounting software to help keep track of their books – all from their phone or desktop. The account comes with a UK account number and sort code and funds up to £85,000 are protected by the FSCS.

Mettle includes easy-to-use bookkeeping and tax-related tools, as well as its unique integration with FreeAgent accounting software, offering all customers free access and savings of up to £150 a year.

Neon Numbers invites you to set up a Mettle account today, it takes minutes!

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