CIS Accountancy

Subcontractors in construction need to be paid according to specific rules - but don’t worry, we’re well-versed in them and will ensure compliance for you.

At Neon Numbers, we understand that certain regulations are complicated which is why we never put a limit on how much support you can receive from us.

CIS Returns are required by companies that pay subcontractors in the construction industry.  We can help with registration; verification of subcontractors; EPS filing for CIS suffered; IS300 filings; producing Payment Deduction Statements; and Gross Payment Status applications.

A lot of construction subcontractors pay more tax via the CIS scheme than they will owe at the end of the tax year based on their annual accounts; if you think (or know) you’re in this boat, we can help you claim your tax refund*; the sooner we have the relevant information, the sooner we can get this submitted and the sooner the refund will be received.

*A refund is not guaranteed even if a refund has been received in the past, as this is dependent on the level of income and expenses available.

Construction accountancy

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