This is more complicated than it needs to be - we don’t make the rules, but we will help you stick to them!

Less than perfect record-keeping can result in penalties, damaged reputation and missed opportunities. Neon Numbers are here to effectively manage the returns, administration and registration for you and your business.

We have a team that specialises in the preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns.  We help see to it that our clients do not miss their submission deadlines where possible, and ask the right questions to ensure all allowable expenses are included in the VAT returns.  

We are able to advise on the various thresholds your company may need to meet for registration/deregistration or for different schemes such as cash; flat rate; annual accounting; etc.  It’s also important for cash flow that any VAT benefits are taken advantage of, such as claiming any VAT on stock/tools/vehicles you still hold at the date of registration, even though you bought them before this date; we’re up to date on the rules and will help you claim back as much as possible.

Neon staff are well versed on the domestic reverse charge VAT scheme (now applicable to any companies that also have to file CIS returns).  We can advise you on how your invoicing and VAT returns may need to change and how this affects you as a business, including your cash flow.

If you need assistance in the transition from traditional spreadsheets or cash books to the new digital record keeping and filing required by Making Tax Digital (MTDvat), we’re able to do face to face training, hold zoom meetings and screenshare, or simply take over what you’re doing – whatever works best for you.

Accountant calculating VAT at their desk

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