CIS Accountancy

CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme, which contains rules set out by HMRC on how subcontractors working within the construction industry should be paid.

At Neon Numbers, we understand that certain regulations are complicated which is why we never put a limit on how much support you can receive from us.

CIS Returns are required by companies that pay subcontractors in the construction industry.  We can help with registration; verification of subcontractors; EPS filing for CIS suffered; IS300 filings; producing Payment Deduction Statements; and Gross Payment Status applications.

A lot of construction subcontractors pay more tax via the CIS scheme than they will owe at the end of the tax year based on their annual accounts; if you think (or know) you’re in this boat, we can help you claim your tax refund*; the sooner we have the relevant information, the sooner we can get this submitted and the sooner the refund will be received.

*A refund is not guaranteed even if a refund has been received in the past, as this is dependent on the level of income and expenses available.

Construction accountancy

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