FreeAgent Bronze Partner

Voted the UK's #1 accounting software for small businesses!


"Snap an expense, fire off an invoice, check your cashflow, stay on top of your tax. Take care of business, anywhere." FreeAgent

FreeAgent is another company that offers cloud-based software for a reasonable price. 

Their pricing structure is simpler than Xero’s, but slightly more expensive – please see below link to check out their prices:

Simple pricing plans made for small businesses - FreeAgent

FreeAgent has many useful features:

  • An app which allows you to access your records from your phone.

  • A website that allows you to log in from any PC, tablet or other device.

  • Bank feeds for easy coding.

  • An automatic calculation of your estimated corporation tax.

Other benefits include:

  • Neon are partnered with FreeAgent and can offer packages through our agent subscription with them, to save you time in setting it up.

  • All Neon staff that complete bookkeeping in FreeAgent have had official FreeAgent training.

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