We understand not only property tax and accounting issues but also other business issues such as landlords’ legal obligations and the various property strategies.

Neon Numbers are industry experts in advising on the commercial, accounting and taxation issues that can affect property developers and investors.

When you own a 2nd property you must declare your income on a tax return.

The taxation differs whether you own the property individually, jointly or through a company.

There are rules and regulations, pros and cons and legal and best practice requirements for all types of ownership.

Speak to us to discuss your property journey…

  • Is the property an investment?
  • Is the property a ‘flip’?
  • Do you intend to move to the property?
  • Is the property being converted?
  • Are you buying more properties?
  • Is the property being left to children?

There are so many options that we feel it’s essential to speak to an expert, present all the available information and formulate the most tax efficient journey for your property or portfolio.

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