Management Accounts

Accurate and up-to-date information will help you make important decisions about your business. We’ll deal with the numbers and let you do what you’re good at!

We will produce management accounts to your specifications, ensuring that you always have reliable and detailed information on which to base your business or personal decisions.

Management accounts are for the business owners/directors’ use only (they’re not required to be reported publicly, like annual accounts) to facilitate smooth running of the business and efficient spending. 

They vary from business to business; each company needs different reports to help them thrive, from a simple P&L each quarter, to more precise and detailed monthly reports such as a statement of cash flows and specific forecasts.  In fact, you can pick exactly what you want to see in your report and have it tailored to exactly your needs, should your business need that.  Programs like Xero can help with producing management reports without additional work to tailor them, which can be a quick and cheap solution if that’s sufficient for your needs.

Growing businesses may benefit from more frequent reporting than more established businesses, to help them grow and manage their money efficiently, therefore making management accounts invaluable.

Quarterly or monthly reports can allow businesses to project cash-flow, anticipate short-falls, and target their decisions.

Team members at Neon Numbers working on Management Accounts

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