Company Secretarial

Don’t get caught out when it comes to legal and tax obligations - we’re here to help you stay compliant.

A company secretary is not obligatory for limited companies, only public companies.

At Neon Numbers we can complete any company secretarial duties your business requires, such as filing the CS01 (confirmation statement, previously known as the annual return); other filings with Companies House (such as changes to directorships or shareholdings); and ensuring the Directors know their duties to comply with corporate legislation.

We are able to answer any questions you might have surrounding incorporation, including when to do it; what the pros and cons are; share structure; and the most tax efficient way of drawing an income from your incorporated business.

If desired, we can undertake the incorporation process for/with you to ensure it is done correctly, should that be a matter of concern.  If you’re feeling confident but simply need a little advice or confirmation, we can do that too. Our services available also include ongoing company secretarial duties such as the annual filing of your Confirmation Statement (previously known as the Annual Return) with Companies House.

If there is anything you need that hasn't been specifically identified and you feel is business, tax or accountancy related, feel free to contact us.  We can help with a wide range of things such as company secretarial duties; advising on whether a specific expense is tax deductible; helping complete grant applications; and providing face to face training to allow you to complete your own bookkeeping.  This list is not exhaustive, but we may be able to point you in the right direction should you need something we’re unable to help with, so please feel free to ask if you’re unsure.

The whole team prides themselves on being approachable, friendly and happy to tailor the provision of services to your requirements; communication and a good working relationship breed success!

Neon Numbers team member working on company secretarial work for a client