From independent local businesses and franchises, through to multi-location chains; we work in partnership with a wide range of clients within the hospitality industry.

As the 8th largest tourism destination globally, hospitality makes up around 4% of the UK economy.  This sector is comprised of over 207,000 restaurants and cafes (including around 52,000 fast-food); 45,000 hotels; and 47,000 pubs.  

This results in around £41bn pa in tax with around half of that being VAT, so it’s no surprise that businesses in the hospitality sector need good accountants!

We can help with advising which VAT rate to use based on hot or cold food/drinks, eat in or take-away, prepared food or raw ingredients.

We also have experience ensuring home delivery contracts with companies such as Deliveroo and UberEats are accounted for correctly.

Restaurant table filled with food